Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Andreia Brazier was a very active and an athletic child. At just 14 years of age, she had already began her journey for physical training. It was then when she had her first encounter with the gym and weight training. Immediately she felt she had found her true place – this was where she belonged! From there, there was no looking back, her love for maintaining a healthy lifestyle grew stronger and stronger. In 2005, Andreia moved to England where she kept working on herself and started competing in various fitness competitions. With an incredible physique, stunning looks and an outstanding stage presence, she was instantly a crowd favorite. Andreia has since became a World Competitor with 4 consecutive Fitness Model World Championships under her belt. For the past 20 years, Andreia has developed a vast knowledge base in health & fitness. By helping her fans and followers, Andreia continues to accomplish her goals and goes to the next challenge to conquer!

4x Fitness Model World Champion

  • Four consecutive Fitness Model World titles
  • 4 x Fitness Model World Champion Canada 2012, Las Vegas 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • Fitness Model World Champion Pro Status Fitness Beauty Show Denmark – May 2012
  • Miami Pro Show London, Black Angel – April 2012
  • Published and promoted different variety of fitness guides and recently produced another guide that contains her own ULTIMATE TRAINING AND NUTRITION GUIDE that she used to obtain the physique she has now!
  • When exposed for the first time in the Fitness and Beauty shows, she quickly became a Fitness Model World Champion four times in a row. Since April 2012, when seen for the first time, she became popular as “Victoria Secret‟s Fitness Model-New Generation” and after her third world fitness and beauty top title consecutive she was pronounced “THE QUEEN OF FITNESS”.
  • Conducted workshop seminars and collaborations that were held internationally and currently many workshop seminars are being planned across the World.
  • Participated in some Charity Works and Programs not just locally but internationally. “Please Help Pedrino” is one of her accompanied charity works as Andreia Brazier is a very keen participant of different charity works globally.
Andreia Brazier Title wins

My Certifications

Andreia Brazier Certificates


Andreia Brazier has been featured in many Fitness Magazines, Newspapers as well as TV Channels. She has been on the cover of some of the World’s most leading Magazines as well as had her own segment on one of UAE’s fitness channel called Ask Andreia. All videos can be found in Andreia Braziers Youtube channel.

Download my FREE Sneak Peek guide now
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Download my FREE Sneak Peek guide now
and learn my secrets to successful training!