We all know that losing body fat isn’t easy and the search for the best weight loss program that will give us better, and faster, fat loss results seems to be an unending quest for most everyone. Just thinking about the long (and yes, challenging) road to burning excess body fats ahead, is often enough to send us reeling into a flat panic (and desperation, at times). Sometimes, the temptation to give up even before getting started is just too much!   However, I urge you NOT!  Yes, burning excess fats will take some time and a lot of hard work, but anything rewarding in life does anyway! What if I tell you that you could start getting better fat loss results immediately?  Like right now, today?

There are ways and routines, clever and practical ones too, that are most effective when done concurrently with a structured fitness plan. Then incorporate these lifestyle changes gradually in your daily routine until they become second nature to you. 

Here are my top 5 tips to achieve better fat loss results faster

  • Know your Fats – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The good fats, omega-3 & 6 fatty acids – animal fats and fats that are hard at room temperature actually have fat-burning properties and boost metabolic function (how the body uses energy) and the best for consumption.

Know your Fats

Carbohydrates for fuel and protein for muscle repair and recovery. The trick is to strategically cut back on carbohydrates rather than remove it from your diet completely. Proper timing means eating specific carbs at specific times to achieve an efficacious fat-burning effect.  

Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, and sweet potatoes stimulate metabolism, keep your blood sugar levels steady, and generally maximize fat loss results.  Ensure that you eat complex carbs around 5-6 pm as it needs time to digest. The later you have your meal in the evenings means your body will spend more hours working to digest your food rather than on more vital stages (i.e., restoring, repairing, and resting stages) that happen during sleep.

Add fiber to your diet.  Found in rye, certain whole fruits, and vegetables – they help eliminate fats through your digestive system

faster fat loss resultsThe “bad” fats will increase fat gains and risks for various chronic diseases when consumed excessively. These are manmade fats – saturated animal fats and plant based fats – found in butter, lard, whole milk, ice cream, margarine, shortenings, etc.). These baddies will also put you at a greater risk for heart diseases.

Simple carbs and refined sugars are the worst combinations, the ugly ones.  These carbohydrates turn into glucose, quickly find a snug layer of fat to sink their teeth into, and of course, spike up your insulin levels!  They are not only high in calorific intake but also provide absolutely zero nutritional value to your diet and as such, known as the empty calories.

Drastic changes, however, are often counter-productive so it’s a good idea to decrease bad fats consumption as you increase good fats intake. Educate yourself which fat is considered good and bad to effectively avoid the culprits that have done nothing but contribute to that dreaded muffin top!


  • Move your body:

Move your bodyA targeted and effective exercise program that includes both weight and cardio sessions, is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to fat loss results. If you are overweight and new to training or haven’t trained for a long time, start with a low-intensity cardio and weight program then gradually increase the intensity over time as your body adapt to your routines.

Start off moderately with interval bursts that consist of 30 seconds jogging and 30 seconds walking then gradually increase the intensity, until you are sprinting during one burst and jogging in another as your active recovery.  Gradually increasing your speed, distance, and intensity will be more likely to produce better results.  

With weight training, it’s best to start with high repetitions and light to moderate weights. As your muscles adapt and as you get stronger, you can then increase the weights while decreasing the repetitions.



  • HIIT – smash it up!

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is an intense workout designed to obliterate body fats. This form of training, however, puts a huge amount of stress on the body and if not executed correctly can cause injury.  Done correctly, HIIT is one of the more effective fat-loss methods for the more advanced trainer producing better fat loss results.

HIIT requires training at 100% intensity using short bursts of interval training, before a short time-out of either a total rest or active recovery. The intervals usually last between 10 to 30 seconds, but the entire session may only be 20-30 minutes.  Believe me, you’ll be drenched in sweat in that short span of time, with better fat loss results almost immediately.


  • Get creative with your cardio.

Get creative with your cardioFor most of us, the thought of running miles down a road or on a treadmill could be enough to give you a migraine.  This type of training is not effective and gets too boring.  Vary this otherwise monotonous routine and create fun and effective running sessions for yourself. Doing shorter bursts of high-intensity cardio that feels like your lungs are on fire and your heart is in your throat for hours (even though it has just been 4 minutes) will yield better fat loss results than halfheartedly plodding along a treadmill for hours, literally!

I usually do running combos such as short hill sprints, to flat longer sprints, to slow runs, to jogging, and then back to shorter bursts of sprints for my cardio sessions.  Getting creative with my cardio sessions makes it more fun and give me no room for excuses to stop or stall. Most importantly, enjoy what you’re doing while you’re on it.  


  • Finally, (and saving the best for last) – WEIGHT TRAINING!

WEIGHT TRAININGWeight training, without argument, is one of the best methods for instant muscle gains and better fat loss results. Although it won’t always burn as many calories as cardio does, weights do promote lean muscle mass, which in turn increases the metabolic rate so effectively, that you remain in the “fat burning zone” for hours even after leaving the gym. Combined with an effective and fun cardio program, you will see results in no time. And that is a fact!



Overhauling your workout regime, as well as making small, yet significant, changes to your diet is the best and fastest way to see faster and better fat loss results.  How much fat you burn and lose will really depend on what and how much effort you put in, and of course, your goals.  

So, although for some of us, losing excess fats won’t always happen overnight, it is worth trying to incorporate these 5 techniques into your current training schedule. You owe it to yourself to at least try, because if what you are doing right now isn’t working for you, what else exactly (other than body fats) do you have to lose?

Start your fitness journey to a healthier, leaner YOU.  Download my Full Body Workout Guide for FREE and get a head start now!


ull Body Workout Guide

Download my FREE Sneak Peek guide now
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Download my FREE Sneak Peek guide now
and learn my secrets to successful training!