Pear-shape, apple shape, voluptuous, hourglass, the figure-8, athletic, small chest, big chest, flat bottoms or bootylicious buns with a huge variety of women’s body shapes out there, not every swimsuit will suit you.  Some beachwear would flatter your best assets and some would accentuate your worst bits! Looking for the perfect bikini that will not only make us feel sexy and feminine but will also make people do a double OR triple take even, as we walk by can be somewhat of a challenge if we don’t pay extra attention.  On that note, let me share with my beachwear guide on how to choose a beachwear that would perfectly match your bikini body type.

Bikini body type

 A Beachwear Guide to Compliment Your Bikini Body Type:



For the pear-shaped figure, usually with a small waist and larger hips, find a swimwear that balances out your proportions.  One-shoulder cut swimsuits with full cut bottoms to flatter your curves and balance your shape out are great for this body shape.  Bandeau bikini tops paired with high-waisted bottoms (full-cut rather than skimpy) would also look great for this body shape.  You can also opt for a full-piece beachwear that has “faded” designs with the lighter shade at the top of the swimsuit and the darker colour at the bottom to give the illusion of smaller hips!  


For women with an apple shape body, ensure that people are noticing your chest area and legs.  Plunging and halter necklines are the best for the apple shape as well as high-cut bottoms. Colour block swimsuits or prints that provide a camouflage will work well with this body type.  Steer away from beach wears with bold and bright floral colors and designs, however, as this will draw attention to your midsection rather than deflect it.  You may also opt for runched beach wears or swimsuits with runching or shirring which creates a slimming effect visually if you are too conscious to wear a full piece on its own.

Small Chest:

Having a flat chest can be tough for women, and finding a bikini top that will actually give the illusion of a bigger chest can be a challenge.  Choose a bikini top with bright patterns, floral designs, or ruffles to highlight the chest area.  Otherwise, opt for a gorgeous bikini top with push-up padding that will add a little boost – they’re aplenty!

Big Chest:

Just as a flat chest can be frustrating, for others a large chest can be equally as upsetting for women.  The crux of the matter with women with larger chests is that string bikinis just don’t work for them.  Opt for thick straps or halter-neck bikini tops that are flattering and will accentuate what you have been blessed with! This will save you from bikini top slips and fails.   Avoid very loud colours and big patterns as these will make your chest stand out and look even bigger and instead opt for a colour-block bikini that will divert attention from your chest and flatter your other assets.

Athletic Body:

Women with a boyish, athletic body need to create an illusion of curves when choosing a beachwear.  Choose bikini tops with cups, padding, and gathering with bright prints and colors would be flattering for this body type as it will create a vision of feminine curves. Beach wears that will focus the attention of your athletic build should be avoided like bandeaus and one-piece swimsuits.

Broad Shoulders:

Some women are just born with broad shoulders.  And often, through weight training, women land up with a more pronounced V-shape torso.  This doesn’t mean however that you cannot find flattering beachwear that can downplay this.  A one-shoulder cutout style, a high-neck one-piece, or solid coloured swimsuits are best for this shape.  Beach wears with vertical lines or coloured panels along the side of the swimsuit creates an hourglass figure effect and distracts attention from the broad upper body.   

Flat Booty:

With a flat booty, ruffles are great as they give the illusion of a bigger booty. Bright colours and loud prints, as well as bottoms with side ties, are great and will always distract attention from the flat bottom. Another favourite is the Brazilian cut () as it provides the illusion of a fuller booty by showing more skin in this area rather than full briefs.

Bootylicious Buns:

For women blessed with a big tush, string bikinis and high-cut swimsuits can be too revealing and super uncomfortable. A Choose a beachwear that has enough fabric so that you will not need to constantly try to readjust your bikini bottoms!  Needless to say, Brazilian cut is not a good choice as beach wears with solid (full-cut) bottoms and printed tops which are the most flattering and comfortable for this body shape.

The voluptuous plus size:

A high-waisted full-cut bottom works wonders for women with voluptuous or hourglass body figure.  The bottoms, however, must go over the belly button to avoid the dreaded muffin top.  Full-piece swimsuits are also perfect for this body shape.  If you do have a little bit of a belly, a one-piece beachwear with peplum, runching, or shirring will be a great way to conceal this area. If you‘re little daring, choose one with a plunging neckline to distract attention away from your tummy area but don’t forget to choose beach wears with thicker straps to avoid beach mishaps!  

Bikini body guide


What about cellulite?  

I know you want that cellulite hidden when you hit the beach so, of course, I’ve also included that in my beachwear guide.  As I’ve mentioned in my blog before, 90% of women are afflicted with cellulite.  But then, again, this isn’t a death sentence.  And it certainly shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the beach this summer.  Try beach wears like tankinis and swim dresses. These types of beachwear are designed to keep that pesky cellulite covered and there are so many awesome designs out there for women of all body shapes!



So, there, my beachwear guide for all body shapes.   Now, don’t be afraid to own your body and take charge of it! Identify which body shape you belong to in my beachwear guide and make sure your swimwear matches with your body shape the next time you buy.  Better yet, download a copy of my bikini body workout guide and start getting beach-fit this summer.  Follow my bikini body workout guide and this beachwear guide to accentuate your best body assets and you’ll surely turn heads at the beach this summer!  

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