What is metabolism?

Women in general I believe, all want a faster metabolism as they hit their 30’s.  But what exactly is metabolism?  Metabolism is a process within our cells wherein food/fuel is converted to energy and body wastes eliminated.  In a nutshell, this refers to the total number of calories your body burns every day. Metabolism is made up of normal body functionality such as your internal organ function, breathing, brain activities, digesting your food, and importantly moving your body! 

Faster metabolismSo I’m well past 30’s, why do I need faster metabolism again?

It is important that we focus on kick-starting our metabolism, especially when we are heading towards the “Big Four-Oh”.  Why?  Physiologically, this is the time when our body starts to slow down, along with our metabolism.  Around this time, it’s common for us women to go into a state of panic when we start to realize the slowing curse is starting to happen to us.  We will then start to eat nothing but soup, drink nothing but smoothies, and then launch an all-out war against our body doing intense, back-crunching, muscle-wrecking exercise routines in an effort to incite faster metabolism.  And if a week goes by and nothing has budged, we just give up, resume our unhealthy eating habits, cut back on gym visits, and just let our body, once again, slumps into a metabolic depression.



Metabolic exercisesThe myth is not a myth!

It is not a myth that the older we get, the more sluggish our metabolism gets. Needless to say, it becomes extremely difficult for us to shift stubborn weight!

Keep in mind that the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn.  So, if you exercise regularly, you will burn calories even whilst doing absolutely nothing!  Too good to be true? Yes, but true! The fact is, when you leave the gym after a hardcore weight training session or an intense HIIT burst, your body remains in the “fat-burning” zone for hours even after you have trained.  And the amount of muscle you have will definitely be the key in the number of calories you land up burning in your resting metabolic state.  


Metabolic exercises for womenStop playing the blame game!

I know it is very easy to pass the blame on our genes for that stubborn weight.  However, it has far more to do with our lifestyle –our eating habits and exercise regime – than our DNA composition and structure.  Believe it or not, metabolism starts to slow down long before you realize it – and over a very long period of time.   It certainly doesn’t happen overnight.   And getting rid of its effect can take as long if not longer if you don’t start aiming and working for a faster metabolism now!

I have had many clients in their early 30’s with a body fat % hovering around 25- 30%, which although may not necessarily mean obese, is unhealthy and not ideal, and can escalate very quickly to danger-zone.  In fact, many may appear to be in great shape, but their body fat % results are high, and this does put them at risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Those who are actually “skinny” are what we call “skinny fat”.  It is common to see this with many models and actresses who don’t exercise or eat correctly.  So think again if your goal is to be skinny – that isn’t necessarily healthy!


But how do we ignite faster metabolism?

You can maintain your total energy expenditure as you age by combining metabolic exercises, such as strength training and cardio activity.

Metabolic exercise is the key.  By choosing the most effective exercises to kick-start your metabolism, changes will be far better and faster to achieve.  You will, I assure you, get to the point where you are not only burning calories in the gym but even whilst at your desk working or even while lounging!  How’s that for an effective and faster metabolism?

Here are some of my recommended routines guaranteed to ignite faster metabolism:

Weight Training:  Great for faster metabolism and my firm favorites – the compound exercise!  

Weigth training for faster metabolismCompound exercises use multiple joints whilst you are using weights, and this executes maximal muscle recruitment resulting in great gains muscle-wise and leaner muscle tone. Examples of compound exercises are weighted squats, lunges, deadlifts, pull-ups, chest press, bent-over rows.  Combining these movements into an effective weight training program will make drastic changes to your muscle tone as well as on your metabolism.  A great way to combine cardio with your weight program is to add 1-minute cardio bursts in between your sets! This is not hugely effective, but it is great fun!  

Hey, just because, us women, are closer to the 40’s and farther from the 20’s does not mean we can’t be bad-ass and lift heavy whilst having beautifully sculptured physiques!


HIIT Cardio (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT for Faster metabolismCombining running and sprint bursts, whilst altering your gradient and speed is another great way to boost your metabolism. You can burn up to 70% more calories in a quick 20 minute HIIT treadmill session versus a drawn-out 45-minute run at a constant speed.  Shorter bursts of HIIT workouts are so effective that they will leave you with a resting metabolism boost that lasts for hours! Any metabolic exercise immediately aids the increase in mitochondria (which generates energy and heat in the muscle cells), metabolizing fat for fuel, which is what, us women, want, right?

It is important not to get into the rut with your training – it is really about pushing your body all the time to avoid plateauing.  So if last week your HIIT cardio was a sprint for 30 sec/walk for 30 sec, this week, why not try to sprint for sec/slow jog for 30 sec. And then next week increase the intensity by picking up the speed in both the run and jog.  Keep a journal to mark your progress per week.  This not only makes you accountable, but it will really boost your confidence to see your improvements and achievements in numbers.

That’s it and I can have faster metabolism?

Not so fast.  Alongside metabolic exercises for a faster metabolism, Make sure you do not ignore the nutritional aspect of your routine to facilitate a metabolic injection.  Our body needs food and fuel – nutritious and healthy ones.  Do make sure you take protein-rich food and supplements as protein assists with building muscle.  Drink plenty of water, it is said to increase the rate at which we burn calories. It is also vital (although not always easy) to lower your stress level.  In my case, I alleviate and get rid of life’s stresses through training as I sweat.  

Whether you’re well past your 30’s or even hit the “Big Four-Oh”, these techniques will give you faster metabolism and keep your body in a “fat burning” zone even at rest. Start living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating these metabolic exercises in your routines now to change the way your body metabolizes even well past the age of 30’s. Trust me!

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