Busy parents frequently find it difficult to juggle family, exercise, and work – life at the best of times, and more often than not, family fitness takes a back seat completely.  Sounds familiar?  

Well, a busy life doesn’t mean you can’t find innovative and fun ways to get your family fit, alongside you!  Even staying indoors is not an excuse for inactivity. The whole family could be doing some effective exercises while at home doing the usual daily household chores together. Sometimes, the trick lies in making these chores more fun and beneficial for the whole family.  

Family fitness is also the perfect excuse for parents and children to get outdoors for some fresh air, sun, and active fun – doubles the fun and benefits for the whole family.  With child obesity on the rise, it is really important to ensure you get children excited about activities that get them out of the house doing stuff that they enjoy, and as an added bonus keeps you ALL fit and healthy.  Family fitness can be fun and rewarding for everybody.


here are some tips on how to be an inspiration to your whole family to get fit this year:

Create fun family fitness outdoor challenges:

A little healthy family competition is always a great way to get everybody together.  Create a weekly roster of daily exercises for the whole family to do.  It could be anything from an obstacle course, or a fun time challenge, intervals or even a stairs challenge – choose anything fun that will get your family adrenaline rushing and their heart rates up!

Outdoor fitness fun

Create a chart to record an exercise schedule, family fitness achievements and make it doubly exciting for the whole family by giving a weekly or monthly award for the winner! Another great way to inspire the get your family fit is to find family races happening in your area –  it is a great way to get everybody training to achieve the same goal!

Walk the walk:

Walk the walkWe tend to get lazy by using our cars to go everywhere, but a great way to keep active without exerting yourself too much is to walk regularly.  An early morning or an evening family walk is a perfect time to discuss plans for the day or share stories from the day just past and it is a great way to get everyone up and moving.  if you need to get chores done, or you are off to the park, opt to walk rather than drive. Making these small yet significant routines a part of your everyday lives will set your family up to maintain life-long healthy and active habits.

Schedule in family fitness time:

Like any good fitness plan, you need to have a weekly training schedule planned out, and to ensure sessions are in all diaries.  You can create all sorts of activities such as family yoga, swimming, hiking, bike rides, in fact, the list is endless, so get creative!Schedule family fitness time

Ensure everybody has a say as to what activities they would like included and compare diaries so that time is locked in for everybody.  Motivate your family by sending out fun reminders the day before, and from there prep and plan the session accordingly!

Have a daily HIIT of family fitness:

Working out doesn’t need to take hours out of your day.  Short bursts of family fitness activities every day can make a huge difference to your fitness levels and general well-being!  It also gives every family member a chance to get creative and to design fun workouts.Daily family HIIT

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training) is a great way to get hearts racing for the entire family.  This is an intense workout so for some family members you may need to create variations of certain exercises to ensure everybody has a fair shot at keeping up!  

Abs start in the kitchen:

So, now that you are on your way to getting your family fit, there is one more area that needs to be looked at, and that is family nutrition. Nutrition accounts for about 70% of the fitness journey. Regardless of how often or hard you train, if you are not fueling your body correctly, you won’t see results!

Families that have healthy eating habits will reap the benefits long-term. Look for delicious but nutritious recipes for the whole family to enjoy.  And if the whole family is involved, then everyone is more likely to stick to the plan!  It is important to involve your family in preparing and cooking healthy meals so that they understand the benefits of eating healthy and delicious food.  And let’s be honest, nothing tastes better than food made with love!Abs start in the kitchen


So there you have it!  5 simple steps to get your family fit and inspired to move more regularly!  Family fitness sessions can be fun, creative, and light-hearted or serious competitions.  Either way, it is an enjoyable and healthy activity for busy families to connect and spend time together with the benefit of a long-term physical health and emotional happiness.  Remember, a family that exercises together, lives a healthy happy life longer!

Get started on your fitness journey to a healthier and leaner you and inspire your whole family to live fit and healthy with my Free Full Body Workout Guide!  Download now!


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Download my FREE Sneak Peek guide now
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Download my FREE Sneak Peek guide now
and learn my secrets to successful training!