Christmas, as much as it is a festive and merry time, is also the season fraught with stress, overeating, over-drinking, and neglecting our own emotional and physical wellbeing.  We are all exhausted after yet another stressful year, and so, we convince ourselves that it is perfectly plausible to be reckless and to over-indulge.  But often with this reckless abandonment, our fitness and the healthy eating regime is the first to go. Is it even possible to stay fit and healthy and healthy this holiday season?


Here are my 10 Top Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy This Holiday Season whilst still enjoying your celebrations:

Tip # 1: De-Stress
  • This might be laughable at this time of year, but actually, it is probably the most important in order to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.
  • Stress is a killer and is the number one reason for weight gain. Ensure you take time out of your busy lives to de-stress where possible and make a conscious effort to eliminate things that stress you out, for good.
Tip # 2:  Eat Food Made With Love
  • It is vital that you nourish your body with nutritious whole and natural foods. So make sure you eat food made with LOVE!  By this, we mean cooking food from scratch and being totally connected with the food that you are cooking, and consuming.
  • Stay clear of processed or deep-fried foods which are mass-produced, full of artificial ingredients and almost always laden with too much salt. A tip would be to eat before you head out to a party, as this will curb your temptations to tuck into fatty foods you wouldn’t normally eat.
Tip # 3: Think Before You Tuck In
  • The ”Christmas Day Feast” is usually one HUGE meal in a day where we pretty much stuff as much as we possibly can in, often resulting in us not being able to move and generally falling asleep with a full tummy – not good.
  • Research has shown that a person can consume up to 3,000 calories in one sitting, which is more than the recommended daily calorie intake of a grown man! So think before you tuck in and stop eating before you are full.
Tip # 4: Get Quality ZZZZZ’s
  • Sleep deprivation plays havoc with your body and your weight.
  • Although at this time of year it is difficult to avoid alcohol in the evenings, set yourself a booze curfew and then switch to water, to ensure that by the time your head hits the pillow, you are re-hydrated.
Tip # 5: Don’t Skip The Gym
  • As hard as it is, ensuring that you prioritise your workouts during the silly season, regardless of your party calendar, is one effective way to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.
  • If you cannot find the motivation to keep up the momentum of working out, get yourself a Personal Trainer during the festive season. This will ensure you keep yourself in check, so that you do not go completely off the rails.
Tip # 6: Stick To HIIT & Strength Training
  • HIIT and Strength Training programs are best during the festive season as these workouts burn maximum fat and will ensure you are in the fat burning zone for hours after you leave the gym.
  • At this time of year, we tend to consume thousands of calories than we would normally consume, so you need to ensure your workouts include high-intensity cardio bursts as well as a great Strength Training program if you want to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.
Tip # 7: HYDRATE Yourself
  • This is a no-brainer, but is even more so during the holiday season.
  • Alcohol is a diuretic and causes our body to shed water; which is why horrendous hangovers occur.
  • The headache of a hangover is actually caused by the shrinkage of your brain dura (the membrane that encases our brain) due to dehydration. So make sure you hydrate regularly and often!
Tip # 8: Detox Where Possible
  • We understand that at this time of year, detoxing is probably a ridiculous notion, but after any indulgent night, make a rule that the next day is 100% clean eating. Once Christmas and New Year’s Eve passes, you can focus on eating 100% clean or at least 5-6 days of the week to flush out toxins and to get your body back to its normal state.
  • If you do smoke, start working on a program where you can begin to cut-down and eventually stop completely.
  • Cut-down on alcohol consumption; although again, not easy this time of year, try to at least have dry days in-between the year-end parties.
Tip # 9:  Super-Fruit Juice your life
  • Juicing during the festive season is a fast and easy way to get nutrients and immune system boosting goodness into your body!
  • Other great benefits of juicing are that it assists with digestion, keeps colds at bay, is great for your skin, and it rehydrates the body.
  • Some of my favourite super-fruits are watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, citrus fruits, bananas, acai fruit, kiwi, avocado, to name a few.
  • Experiment with different fruity flavours, and enjoy the benefits of adding fresh juices to your life!
Tip # 10: Be Kind To Yourself
  • This is such an important step, to stay fit and healthy this holiday season. When we berate, blame or criticise ourselves, it manifests more stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalances, which will affect us emotionally and physically. 
  • Self-preservation and self-love are so important, so start to create a positive flow around you wherever you can so that it becomes a natural process eventually.


Remember, through the pandemonium that is Christmas, we lose sight of what is important.  Spending quality time with quality people is what this time of year to us is all about.  But in the same breath, it is equally as important to carve out time for yourselves every day, where you nurture your own body and mind by staying fit and healthy.  You can have the best of both worlds, you just need to be mindful and wise about your choices.

Happy Holidays!


End and start the year right. 
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