Ultimate ABS Program

Ultimate ABS Program

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My Ultimate Abs Programs is uniquely designed to help you take the first step for your Abs transformation all the way to strengthen your core and getting a stronger and slimmer waistline!. You no longer need to spend months and months of your time and money in the gym. Simply follow the Ultimate Abs Program, and You wouldn’t believe that you'r ABS could get this cut and defined. In no time you will never shy away from removing your shirt at the beach ever again!
  • Gym & no Gym Required 
  • Workout tutorial videos, step-by-step guidelines with all you need to know to improve your techniques, maximize your results and keep it safe.
  • Stretch guidelines to prevent injury.
  • 300+ pages compatible with all devices and smartphones.

-What’s included in the nutritional section:
  • Nutritional plan.
  • Nutritional tutorial video with all you need to know for your meals preparation, food variations, sauces, how to order on day-outs/holidays, what & when to eat, how to find out the perfect amounts for you and lots more.
  • Supplement plan to boost your energy, results and recovery.
  • Weekly food checklist to print, that will help you keep on track. 
  • Supermarket list.

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