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Join our Bodymaze Community

Are you tired of all these “fad diets”, repetitive boring workout routines, and crazy weight loss pills and machines that just don’t work?

Heads up! What you’re about to find out will open your eyes to a secret you never thought you’d discover. If you read this page, you’ll see how your favorite fitness influencers have been lying to you all along….
After hours and hours of sitting at your laptop late at night, hearing your stomach beg you for a bowl of late-night ice cream, and fighting all your cravings because you’re researching “How to lose weight quick”, what do you do?
You wake up the next day, check your phone as soon as you wake up, and see that your favorite fitness influencer has posted 10 Instagram stories already about how she wakes up at 4 A.M, does 2 hours of HIIT cardio a day, and “NEVER TAKES A BREAK”.
And after seeing that, your wishes of living a similar life keep pushing you around, making you feel less comfortable in that open-back top or skinny jeans, and leave you wondering: “Why can’t I reach that physical state?”.
Am I here to keep poking the wound and remind you of your own insecurities? No, absolutely not.
I’m here to tell you that none of this is your fault, and here’s why:
The fitness scene today is filled with overwhelming information with so many people doing things each in their own different ways and trying to convince everyone that it’s the only “correct” way.
And if you try to keep up, you’ll just become more and more confused the more you try to find what works for you.
So not only will you not be able to restore your confidence or self-worth, but you’ll also be left feeling that there’s no way you’ll be able to commit to a program and post your transformation like the thousands you see on a daily basis.
Even if you start making any noticeable progress, with the number of unrealistic standards and “results” out there, you’ll stay stuck in a never-ending comparison that will blind you completely from appreciating how far you’ve come.


Introducing: The single training and nutrition method that changed my life and can now change yours. No overwhelming research, no expensive schemes, only real results!

This method is called the Bodymaze method, and it’s the result of my 30 years of research, trial and error, and following countless fitness programs to see which ones provided me with the best results.

 If you’re anything like me, you hang up as soon as anyone says
the C-word.

Yes, I’m talking about cardio, AKA the bane of everyone’s existence. The Bodymaze method has an endless vocabulary and workout list, but cardio isn’t anywhere to be seen!

This physique that you’re seeing, as well as all the amazing transformation photos all over this website, have all been achieved without doing hours of cardio. Instead, we focus on weight training, proper form, and flawless nutrition to burn fat and build muscle at the same time!

Speaking of nutrition, we all hate a strict eating plan that gives us the same foods every single day.

So, with the Bodymaze method, you’ll have an ever-expanding menu of delicious healthy recipes that you can choose from without disrupting your weight-loss process.

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3 different program categories tailored AROUND YOU and YOUR NEEDS ONLY.

Today’s fitness scene is filled with cookie-cutter programs that set the same standards and expectations for everyone involved. The truth is, no one has the same physical abilities or lifestyle; it’s like our

For this reason, I’ve developed three different approaches to utilizing the Bodymaze method to suit everyone’s lifestyle. For the busy beginners, we have a collection of Home-only fitness programs, and for the more
advanced users, we have Home/Gym packages, which are more challenging and require more commitment.

Then we have the fitness bundles, which are a collection of all my training programs, and provide you with an all-around fitness experience that you can walk through at your own pace!

 ✅This is for you if:

● You’re ready to finally break free from your insecurities.
● You’re willing to do the work and invest in your own happiness.
● You’re tired of only wishing for a happier life and never actually reaching it.
● You want to skip the BS and jump straight to the results.
● You can’t wait to enjoy delicious foods, have more energy, and lose your love handles in an instant.

This is not for you if:

● You’ve settled nicely in a comfort zone that you’ll never move out of.
● You’re okay with wearing the same outfit that hides your insecurities for a month straight.
● You’re not ready to work towards the body you want and are okay with following more fad diets.
● You want to wait until you climb up that scale and see a number you never thought you’d ever reach.
● You’re chasing another motivation spurt that will get you to stick to the gym for a week and then go back to binge eating your favorite cookies.

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5 FREE bonuses to fast-track your fat loss and start seeing progress in a few weeks

● A FREE ultimate stretching guide

To stay spry and enjoy a 360-degree transformation, you can use this guide to increase mobility, feel and move lighter, and prevent any injuries as you progress through the workouts!

● Unlimited on-demand chat and email support

If you face any trouble following my programs or need me to chime in and put you back on track, I’ll be right there at all times answering your questions and giving you the help you need.

● A FREE vegetarian version of the menu

Because our vegetarian friends are always given the shorthand when it comes to healthy, delicious recipes, I’ve developed a version of the menu that’s budget-friendly, delicious, and completely Bodymaze-compliant..

● One-time payment

If you invest in any of my programs, you only have to pay once. You’ll even receive any new and updated versions of your program completely free of charge!

● FREE modifications to suit your needs

I care about giving every member of my community a tailor-made experience that fits in with their unique lifestyle. That’s why, if you have any allergies, diseases, or food preferences, you can reach out to me, and we’ll set up a training and eating plan that you can commit to!

I have lost 8kgs in 4 weeks. I feel amazing. People are wondering what I’m doing because they say I’m starting to look different.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

I’m feeling really great. I love this new way of life. I wouldn’t go back to my old life at all. I love the food. Workouts are getting tough and help me push myself.


12 Week Body Weight Program

Although I have not been able to follow her program exactly because I’m recovering from C-section. I noticed a huge difference when I see the progress pics. I feel energized and highly recommend it.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

Since I started the program I lost 14 pounds. I’m feeling much better and much stronger.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

Due to several autoimmune and major joint spinal medical issues, I work slowly with her program. Even though I have amazing results. I’m 34 and having 3 babies. I have abs now. I no longer have sugar cravings.


8 Week GYM Program

I’m loving the workouts and I now progress to be able to do all 5 rounds. Since I have menopause my metabolism is slow but I’m loving the results.


12 Week Body Weight Program

I’m so happy and enjoying the meals which are very easy to make. In the first week, I lost 2.5kgs and what I lost in body fat, I gained in muscle.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

Results I saw in the picture are amazing. No matter how much I tried, I never had these results. First time in my life being so fit and toned. I think the meal plan makes a huge difference.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

I’m feeling so good and happy. I saw the difference since in the first week. I recommend her 100% because it’s a combination of good exercises. I can do this in my home and Andreia is always there for my questions.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

Workouts are phenomenal. I noticed my body got stronger in a short time. If you are on the go like me, the meals are easy to make. She has a lot of expertise and knowledge.


12 Week Body Weight Program

I have visible results. It is sustainable for me in a long term both with the workouts and nutrition. I’m feeling amazing. I highly recommend those who are considering or looking for a way.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

I feel the difference in my body. I have more energy and the meal plan is more manageable.


12 Week Body Weight Program

This is actually a movement. I wouldn’t call it an exercise program. If you are ready to dedicate your time and mindset, then get this program and get moving. Because I’m happily surprised.


12 Week Body Weight Program

I have lost 11 pounds in just 2 weeks. I’m noticing that my eating habits have been changing. I’m making better food choices, getting strong each and every day.


12 Week Body Weight Program

I can see major changes in fat loss in my face, hips, and thighs and I actually toned up. I finally found a program that I can stick to. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. This is the best shape I have ever been in my entire life.

Ana Mariel

BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

I love the results. It’s challenging and fun at the same time. Recipes are delicious. I would recommend this program to anybody.


BodyMaze VOL.1 (12 Weeks)

Andreia motivates me, I love her personality. I follow many trainers on social media but she stood out for me because she is passionate about her work and helping others achieve their goals. I feel flexible and losing weight all over.


12 Week Body Weight Program

I’m 40 years old and I lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks. The recipes are really good and workouts push you.


12 Week Shred Program

I haven’t challenged and feel this type of transition in my body even when I was going to the gym, I feel healthier. Foods are delicious. I’m so thrilled with the results and worked to get up every morning to workout with her.


12 Week Body Weight Program

My first week was intense but it’s a lot better and a lot more comfortable with it now. Everything in my life is improved when it comes to programs nothing beats Andreia.


12 Week Shred Program

I love the options of meals provided in the program rather than having one set of a meal all the time. Feeling great and everybody says I look happier, thinner, and ask what I’m eating.


12 Week Body Weight Program


So, what’s it going to be?

Are you going to finally choose to go after your own happiness and achieve the physique of your dreams? If the answer is YES, then you should head over RIGHT NOW to my programs and sign up for what suits you best!

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