8 Week Competition Program – Andreia Brazier

8 Week Competition Program

8 Week Competition Program

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Advanced trainers only

  • Gym Required.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • One Time Payment With Life Time Access.
  • Works On All Smart Devices.
  • Full Support and Adjustments Included. (exercises and meals modified according to your needs).
  • Much more...
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Ever wondered what it’s like to be Andreia Brazier? How did she train to reach where she is now and what’s her SECRET?

Get the 8-week competition guide if you think your body is ready for High-Intensity Workouts that will keep your heart pumping and make your Body Toned, Cut and READY for any competition, event, photo shoots. Everything you need to know for getting that toned and cut physique with complete workouts, meal plans, how to pose and MUCH MORE!

     Get Andreia Braziers 8 Week Competition Guide, and be a WINNER!



What’s Included In The Workout:

  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced competition prep for Fitness & Bikini Categories.
  • Gym Needed.
  •  Workout tutorial videos, step by step exercises that show you exactly how to get your body toned and defined.
  • 8 Week packed with exercises, reps, sets, and proper techniques to get you ready for the BIG day
  • Stretch video tutorial and guidelines to prevent injury.
    •  Video tutorial and guide on how to walk, pose and shine on stage.
    •  Compatible with all devices and smartphones.

    What’s Included In The Nutritional Section:

    • 8 Weeks of Nutritional Meal Plans to Guide you on what to eat for the entire Training and prep period.
    • From A-Z all you need to do the day before & on-stage day such as food & water manipulation. 
    • Supplement plan to boost your results and recovery.

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