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12 Week Ultimate Shred Program

12 Week Ultimate Shred Program

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Advanced trainers only

  • Gym Required.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • One Time Payment With Life Time Access.
  • Works On All Smart Devices.
  • Full Support and Adjustments Included. (exercises and meals modified according to your needs).
  • Much more...
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Product Details

šŸ”„Complete Fat Loss Workout & Diet ProgramšŸ”„

šŸ”„Torch fatā€™sĀ and build muscle with my completeĀ Training Program & Meal Plan. The exercises, reps and sets are tailored to target fatā€™s and are proven routines Iā€™ve previously used with all my female clients to getĀ REAL RESULTS!

The routine is based on intense training. Youā€™ll be doing exercises that involve fast powerful movements that will shock your muscles, get your heart rate up and burn hundreds of calories in a short time. I manage to keep my body fat low all year round through exercise and eating clean healthy food.Ā  I have included detailed nutritional advice with this program that should help you cut the fat down dramatically.


Whatā€™s In The Workout:

  • Suitable for Intermediate toĀ advanced trainers only.

  • Gym needed.
  • 12 week of The best combination of exercise, and efficient strategy toĀ  getting shredded.

  • All the techniques and secrets you need to learn in reaching aĀ ripped physique.

  • Packed with video tutorials, intensity, number of reps, number of sets and rest time to torch fats.

  • Stretch Routines to avoid muscle imbalance & injury with video tutorial.

  • Compatible with all devices and smartphones.


            Whatā€™s In The Nutritional Section:

            • Advance Carb Cycling Meal Plan to shred extra fats with Bonus VegetarianĀ  OptionĀ (video recipes tutorials)Ā .

            • VideoĀ Tutorials with all you need to know for your meal preparation, food variations, sauces, how to order on day-outs or holidays.
            • Supplement plan to boost energy, focus, results and recovery.

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